On Monday, the Prefect and Senior Induction Assembly took place, featuring the announcement of our 2023 High Achievers. We were honoured to have Old Boy Dane Atherton Class of 1995) as the guest speaker, delivering some important messages to the boys.

Dane emphasised the significance of making the most of their time at Ipswich Grammar School, highlighting that the relationships formed during this period last a lifetime. He challenged the notion of talent being the sole determination of success, asserting that hard work surpasses talent when talent fails to work hard. He encouraged the boys to pursue their passions, take pride in their accomplishments, and exercise patience during times of hard work when immediate results may not be evident. He emphasised the importance of embracing failure, reminding the boys that all great people experience failure and that the true failure lies in not attempting at all.
In addition to Dane’s inspiring address, the assembly also celebrated the presence of our newest Old Boys—the Top 7 Academic Students of the 2023 Cohort. These outstanding individuals, Henry Bui, Nathan Fraser, Declan Fox, Benjamin Gehrke, Shaman Shan, Ali Zaidi, and Jack White, achieved an impressive ATAR of 98 and above, equivalent to an OP1.
Receiving the Tom Mason Memorial Prize for Runner up to DUX was Ali Zaidi.
The Bowen Prize for DUX of Ipswich Grammar School and achieving an ATAR of 99.90, the second highest score possible and one of the top 60 students in Qld, was Jack White.
Congratulations to these Old Boys on their hard work, commitment and dedication to their studies. It is an outstanding achievement.