The Ipswich Grammar School Old Boys’ Association (OBA) provides Old Boys of IGS the opportunity to stay connected with each other and IGS itself.

When IGS Old Boys come together they share a unique bond, that of ‘Mates for Life’. Members of the Old Boys’ Association have wonderful camaraderie and memories from their schooling years at Ipswich Grammar School, and when reunited a special feeling of pride and kinship is often felt.

Members of the OBA come together to celebrate their school life and mateship and often want to contribute back to the School that gave them so much.

Founded in 1907, the Old Boys’ Association operates under a Constitution with an Executive and an elected Council overseeing its management and activities. The OBA has three main objectives, which were established at the very first meeting of the Association held on 25 July 1907.

They are:

  1. To strengthen the bond between the school and its Old Boys;
  2. To foster in adult life a true spirit of culture and good fellowship; and
  3. To support any movement of intellectual effort.

The Old Boys’ Association endeavours to foster these objectives and also strives to:

  • Preserve the school’s values and history;
  • Further the interest of Ipswich Grammar School; and
  • Be responsible for building a strong Old Boy network through organising reunions, events and activities.

In essence, the OBA develops and maintains relationships between the School, Old Boys and various stakeholders through face-to-face events, communications, fundraising activities and more.

Currently, the OBA is managed by a volunteer Executive Committee and Council comprised of 10 Old Boys. You can learn more about the committee and their roles here. The Committee meets every month to discuss future events and initiatives to foster Old Boy engagement and help the Association achieve its objectives.

The role of Community Development Manager, part of the Ipswich Grammar School Marketing and Community Team, is also actively involved with the OBA and helps provide communication and operational support between the School and the OBA.