The Old Boys’ Association Committee, as it stands today, was set up in 2019 when the current OBA Constitution was passed and an established Council elected.

The Old Boys’ Committee provides stewardship and governance to the Association and its members and has a genuine commitment to build on the established network of current Old Boys activities and relationships moving forward.

The Committee is made up of volunteers and is a valuable asset to Ipswich Grammar School.

The Headmaster and IGS Marketing team provide a dedicated support role and have been invaluable in developing and implementing the concepts of the Council.

The Executive Committee and General Members are elected annually at the OBA Annual General Meeting and are as follows:

Executive Committee

Paul Casos (Class of 1969)

Vice President
Andrew Kenman (Class of 1983)

Anthony Vine (Class of 2002)

Rob Charles (Class of 1986)

General Members

Greg Delbridge (Class of 1969)

Lukas Kent (Class of 2009)

Rob Wadley (Class of 1966)

Rod Duce (Class of 1966)

Sean Goodsir (Class of 1995)

Thomas Massey (Class of 2011)

IGS Representatives

Richard Morrison
Headmaster and Patron

Zoe Krieg
Director of Marketing and Community

Carol Levinge
Community Development Manager

History of the Committee

The first OBA President was recognised Old Boy, Thomas Bridson Cribb, who was one of the first 16 students who commenced at the school in 1863.

After 100 years of the Association being independent of the school, the decision was made in 2016 by mutual agreement that the school would help to manage the Old Boys’ activities.

To ensure that the Old Boys best interests were the priority a ‘Working Group’ was established with ten Old Boys representing a variety of different cohorts. Over the years this group welcomed new individuals and made the decision to reinvigorate the IGS OBA and begin anew. At an Annual General Meeting held by the Old Boys at Foundation Day celebrations in 2019, a new Constitution was passed and an established Council elected heralding a new era for the Old Boys.