Walkley Award winning Old Boy

Walkley Award winning Old Boy

Aaron Hollett (Class of 1994) was presented with his third Walkley Award at a ceremony in Brisbane. It was Hollett’s first award for the category of Television/ Video Journalism and was recognized for his work on Four Corners episode, “City of Ghosts” which documented the search for foreign fighters in the city of Raqqa in Syria.

The ABC cameraman has been working in the Middle East but started his career in Ipswich working at the Queensland Times chasing local crime stories.

“I started chasing crime stories in Ipswich, it lit the spark in me to do conflict work. Working in Ipswich I learnt the skills to humanise stories, to talk to people from all walks of life, and to focus on how an issue impacts on the locals. ” said Hollett.

The judges were impressed with Hollett’s ability to be able to take incredible footage under difficult circumstances and showcasing the devastation and the impact it has on it’s residents.

Hollett will now return to Australia after six years overseas to begin a new stage of his career.

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