Dr S. Evan Jones PM

Dr S. Evan Jones PM

Sydney Evan Jones (Class of 1905), was dux of IGS in 1905 and won a Queensland Exhibition to the University of Sydney, graduating with a Bachelor of Medicine in 1910. He struck up a friendship with fellow medical student Archibald McLean, who was appointed by Douglas Mawson to be chief medical officer of the Australian Antarctic Expedition (AAE) of 1911–13.

Jones was selected as second medical officer on the recommendation of McLean. As a member of the  eight-man Western Base party led by Frank Wild, he made numerous contributions beyond providing medical assistance. He helped construct the hut named ‘The Grottoes’, and he experimented with glaxo, a type of milk powder, to produce a high-energy biscuit that could be readily carried on sledging journeys.

In November 1912, Jones, George Dovers and Charles Hoadley undertook a sledging journey in which they charted 643 km of coastline. Jones Rocks and Jones Ridge are named in honour of Evan Jones, who was also awarded the Polar Medal  for his contribution to Antarctic exploration.

On his return to Australia he became a pioneering psychiatrist, helping many traumatised war veterans, and from 1925 until his death in 1948 was medical superintendent of Broughton Hall (now Rozelle Hospital), where he was credited with creating a hospital of teaching excellence.

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