Old Boys Authors on display

Old Boys Authors on display

Old Boy, Stuart Hawthorne (Class of 1966) features in an Old Boys author display in the IGS Library. He visited the school recently to officially open the display and had a chat with current students. Some of Seniors and Year 11 students got to listen to Stuart and ask questions about careers in writing and where he got his inspiration from. Mr Hawthorne, having been a boarder in 1961 – 1966, was more than thrilled to discuss boarding at IGS and shared some of his own tales with our current boarders.


Also featured in the display are:


Stuart Hawthorne Class of 1966

Mr Hawthorne is a historical author and has written two books about the country with the works The Kokoda Trail: A History & Port Moresby: Taim bipo  being a social history of how his and other expatriate families who moved to PNG during the 1950s lived during the last two decades before independence. His third book No humbug: The life of pioneer educator Stuart Hawthorne MA is a biography of the first headmaster of Ipswich Grammar School who is in fact a distant relative of Stuart.


Vance Palmer                Class of 1901    

Novelist, essayist and poet who contributed enormous amounts of material to over one hundred publications in his career both nationally and overseas.


Raymond Dart               Class of 1910    

Anatomist and Anthropologist notable for his theories regarding the ‘missing link’.  Dart’s analysis of fossil remains labled ‘Taung Child‘ saw him theorise a link between chimpanzees and man.


Thomas Shapcott           Class of 1950    

Poet and Novelist who has published 15 collections of poems, as well as eight novels and over 20 libretti.


Ryle Winn                      Class of 1966    

From the country also boarded with Stuart Hawthorne and finishing the same year. Works are Australiana and semi-autobiographical in nature with book of Aussie tales of the outback and the people who live there.


John Braithwaite             Class of 1968    

John Braithwaite has been active in the peace movement, the politics of development, the social movement for restorative justice, the labour movement and the consumer movement, around these and other ideas for 50 years in Australia and internationally. John has criminologist with over 30 books published.


Shane Thompson           Class of 1973    

Shane is an adjunct professor at the University of Queensland, president of the Australian Institute of Architects (Queensland Chapter), chair of Architecture Australia’s editorial advisory board whilst the principal architect at his own business. Shane is the recipient of a Robin Boyd Award for Residential Architecture and numerous other national and international awards for his work. His projects are widely published, and he is a regular invited guest speaker at conferences.


Andrew Chant              Class of 96

Andrew is still a resident in Ipswich and is a Speech and Drama Teacher, Tutor and Public Speaking Coach. He is currently waiting for his own book to be published which is due to hit bookshelves in the coming months.

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