Milestones celebrated at Old Boys Day

Milestones celebrated at Old Boys Day

Last weekend’s home round of GPS sport saw the annual celebration of Old Boys’ Day at Rugby and Basketball. The day is the biggest event on the Old Boys’ schedule and saw the biggest crowd in recent years. Hosted at the school the day ignites many memories in the Old Boys, who remember their time fondly either playing on the #4 Oval or cheering on their mates.

The round of matches were against Churchie and with the First Basketball going into the weekend unbeaten confidence was high. The First XV were also looking for a win in front of the Old Boys at home after going down in their last two games. Unfortunately both matches resulted in Churchie walking away with a victory, but not before being put under relentless pressure by the Ipswich Grammar teams. There was no doubt that all IGS teams on the day showed immense Red and White spirit to try and win it for the entire IGS community.

It was great to witness many cohorts return to the school to celebrate their milestone reunions. Many Old Boys were present from the Classes of 1969,1979,1989,1999 and 2009. The 1969 cohort made the most of their weekend and enjoyed a sit-down dinner in the Great Hall on the evening before the big day to celebrate their 50 year reunion. The gentlemen enjoyed getting back together and sharing stories over old photographs and memorabilia. The bond of friendship they shared as students has continued to live on even though time and distance has kept them apart for many years. We hope to see many more reunions celebrated in future years around this special day.

The day is an important one to acknowledge the Old Boys and their contributions to the legacy of the school. It also serves to show the current students how they are a part of something very significant both currently and into the future.  As the boys move toward becoming Old Boys, they become aware that they will join a larger fraternity that shared the same experiences and values at Ipswich Grammar School.

We encourage anyone looking to celebrate a significant reunion in 2020 to contact Dave Rosenthal to assist with the planning and communication.

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