Maxwell Norris DFM (Class of 1937)

Maxwell Norris DFM (Class of 1937)

Max Norris enlisted in the RAAF in 1942 and commenced operations as a wireless operator/air gunner in 466 Squadron. On his tenth bombing mission the Halifax in which he was flying was badly damaged over Germany. Most of the crew was injured, the pilot critically. Norris managed to nurse the stricken aircraft back to England, belly landing in Kent, unknowingly with a 200lb bomb on board. For his heroic actions he was awarded the DFM.

On his twentieth bombing mission, his Halifax was again damaged, and the crew belly-landed in occupied Holland. After six days evading capture, he and the injured pilot

encountered British troops and returned to England to resume flying duties for the final

weeks of the war. He flew on one of the last raids on Berlin.

From The Story of Ipswich Grammar School 1863-2013, Sophie Church

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