Old Boy takes centre stage in Les Miserables

Old Boy takes centre stage in Les Miserables

Old Boy Rob Shearer (Class of 2005) (Right) is starring as Jean Valjean in front of packed audiences in the Ipswich Musical Theatre Company’s latest production of Les Miserables. Set in the 1830’s in a post French Revolution era, the character Valjean is pardoned after years of imprisonment by Inspector Jalvert.

The story continues as Valjean breaks his pardon but reinvents himself as a mayor, business owner and guardian to the young girl Cosette. After 8 long years pursuing his quarry Jalvert vows to return Valjean to prison. An epic musical journey, Les Miserables is one of Ipswich Musical Theatre Company’s biggest productions and the packed opening night’s audience is set to be repeated throughout the week’s performances.

Shearer is no stranger to the Ipswich Theatre stage with being in previous productions of Wicked where he was The Wizard and also taking the lead as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera. 


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