From Boarding Captain to President

From Boarding Captain to President

Suriyarajan Maniam (Class of 2016) (left) was recognized as leadership material in his final year and had the full support of the boarding students and staff when he was appointed Boarding Captain. This was a role that saw him working with the boarding community to ensure a positive environment was maintained and the boys could experience a sense of belonging whilst at the school. Suriyarajan (Suri) started at Griffith University after graduation and has continued to be involved in community work whilst studying.

This year saw Suri be the Secretary of the Griffith University Papua New Guinea Students Association, where he was responsible for much of the club’s administration and communications.

“I had to make sure the Executive Team was up to date with everything and it was my responsibility to communicate and network with the students and other associations when events were held” said Suri. “It was nothing like being Boarding Captain but as the year progressed the tasks became second nature.”

The work done by the club was recognized for it’s fantastic efforts with being awarded ‘Best Cultural Club’ and ‘Best Community Spirit’ being the first club to receive two major awards at the Griffith University Clubs Awards night.

Suri will be looking to ensure that all the positive work of the club is maintained throughout 2019 after being elected to President of the club at their recent AGM.


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