About IGS Old Boys

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The first meeting of the Old Boys’ Association took place on 25 July, 1907 in Ipswich. At that first meeting, the objectives of the association were declared to be:
•To strengthen the bond between the school and its Old Boys;
•To foster in adult life a true spirit of culture and good fellowship; and
•To support any movement of intellectual effort.

The Old Boys’ Association will foster these objectives and will in addition strive to:
•Preserve the school’s values and history;
•Further the interest of Ipswich Grammar School; and lastly,
•The IGSOBA will be responsible for building a strong Old Boy network through organising reunions, events and activities.

The overarching aim of the Old Boys’ Association is to maintain and keep the past students of Ipswich Grammar School in touch with each other and the school where ‘we battled as boys’.