Old Boys create next step in legacy on Foundation Day

Old Boys create next step in legacy on Foundation Day

Foundation Day celebrations mark a significant event in the school’s history. A large contingent of Old Boys attended the special assembly held yesterday to mark the 156th anniversary of the first day of school at Ipswich Grammar. On October 7 1863 16 boys begin their education at Ipswich Grammar School after being built due to strong support from the local community at the time. It was to be a hallmark in Queensland’s history and the school stands as the oldest school in the state. Ipswich was an area of significant growth and the need for education was recognized to be of significant importance to the success of the burgeoning township.

Special guest Senator Paul Scarr (Class of 1986) spoke about how he appreciated his time at IGS and the opportunities it provided. He encouraged the students to cherish their own time at school and enjoy the comradery and friendships. He also reminded them that success both at school and in life would come from following their school motto of “Labore et Honore’, to work hard with honour.

The day also marked the first IGSOBA Annual General Meeting after the Council has been dormant for many years. A revitalised group of Old Boys that have been members of an advisory ‘Working Party’ in recent years. These Old Boys have now taken on the responsibility of being the modern Old Boys’ Council and were voted in at today’s meeting. Congratulations to President, Andrew Kenman (Class of 1983), Vice-President Paul Casos (Class of 1969), Secretary Dave Rosenthal (Honorary Member), Treasurer Greg Delbridge (Class of 1969), Registrar Lukas Kent (Class of 2009), and Council Members Rod Duce (Class of 1966), Rob Wadley (Class of 1966), Rob Charles (Class of 1986), Maioha Gregory (Class of 1996), Rowan Newton (Class of 2004) and James Minchinton (class of 1991).

(L-R) Rob Charles, James Minchinton, Andrew Kenman, Maioha Gregory, Headmaster Richard Morrison, Paul Casos, Rob Wadley, Greg Delbridge, Rod Duce, Dave Rosenthal. Absent: Rowan Newton & Lukas Kent.

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